Here at the Billy Blanks® Tae Bo® Studio we offer a variety of different services to cater to your individual health and fitness goals. Our group classes are broken down into Tae Bo® and Tae Kwon Do classes.

An unlimited group class membership can be used towards any of our Tae Bo® classes, which you can check out in further detail on our “Tae Bo® Group Classes” page.

Tae Kwon Do classes require a 3-month Tae Kwon Do membership, and are offered at both child and adult levels. You can also see more information on Tae Kwon Do on our “Tae Kwon Do” page.

Personal training with Billy can be done one-on-one for the most personalized workout offered, or shared with a friend or family member as a “couples personal training” appointment. If you’re not sure what is best for you, give us a call and we are happy to help you pick the best option for you to meet your goals!