Let the workout that changed the world change YOU.

Tae Bo® Fitness is a fast paced martial arts kicking and punching workout set to music. In one hour you will burn 700-1200 calories and experience a workout-joy like never before. Taught by the master himself, Billy Blanks® now mixes in weights, resistance bands, steps, and punching pads. These new features speed up FAT BURNING and MUSCLE TONING. Good for all levels of fitness, this is THE BEST WORKOUT OF ALL TIME!

bulletTae Bo® Kickboxing

Tae Bo® Kickboxing is a cardio workout done with punching bags and/or a partner holding hand pads. There is no sparing. It allows you to sharpen the skills you developed in Tae Bo® Fitness as you are kicking and punching actual objects while you move around the room. Tae Bo® Kickboxing will also BURN 700-1200 CALORIES PER CLASS but because you are punching and kicking a bag you will gain even GREATER MUSCLE TONING. This class will also help develop self-defense skills.

bulletTae Bo® Flex

60 high intensity minutes of rapidly pumping iron until you are drenched…that’s Tae Bo® Flex. This class is the MASTER of LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING and BODY SCULPTING. The fast pace of this class also gives you an incredible cardio workout. Tae Bo® Flex will help you get lean and perform better in all levels of fitness. It’s hard to believe that pumping iron could be like this…


Tae Bo® Booty

The Tae Bo® Booty class is specifically designed to target the lower body; quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, and glutes. Like all Tae Bo® classes, in 60 minutes, the Booty class will burn up to 1200 calories while leaning out and toning up your body- mainly in the booty region. This Tae Bo® class will give you strong lean legs and the best booty ever. Get ready to set your booty on fire!