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The Health Benefits Associated With Tae Bo® Fitness


Tae Bo® Fitness is more than just a workout; it’s a way of life! It is a practice that teaches individuals to connect and communicate with their bodies as a whole. Tae Bo® Fitness utilizes the self-awareness, self-confidence and control of martial arts, the focus, mental-awareness and strength of boxing, and the grace, rhythm, and coordination of dance to form one of the most trusted and well-known names associated with physical fitness worldwide. These key elements that make up the foundation of Tae Bo® Fitness are in fact what also provides the numerous health benefits associated with Tae Bo® Workouts.

Even ignoring the facts associated with the birth of Tae Bo® Fitness, such as the fact that Tae Bo® Fitness was created in Billy Blanks’ own basement, the fact that the first Tae Bo® Fitness class was offered in Boston back in 1982 or even the fact that the first Tae Bo® Fitness workout video was released in 1998; it would be impossible to deny the existence of the health benefits associated with Tae Bo® Workouts. After all Tae Bo® Fitness has always been ahead of the times and has continually remained one step ahead of any up and coming new trends since it began in the early 80’s. The success of Tae Bo® Fitness does not just lie in the actual workout routines that are offered, but the true success of Tae Bo® Fitness lies in the hands of the highly qualified Certified Tae Bo® Instructors that continue to teach and share their love of Tae Bo® Fitness throughout the world.

But; if we were going to look at just the ‘health benefits’ of Tae Bo® Fitness, we should start with the fact that it is the original ‘total body workout’, meaning it improves balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and physical condition all at the same time, reaching maximum results without the need of circuit training. By the time you have completed a Tae Bo® Fitness Workout you have indeed worked your entire body and all without even really noticing that you have done so. There is no having to remember ‘is it arms or legs?’ today. It is your entire body, every time you complete it, making the rewards that much greater and more easily seen!

It is also important to remember that Tae Bo® Fitness Workouts have been proven to increase coordination, flexibility, and ease of movement making the actions required for day-to-day life much easier and comfortable to execute on a regular basis. So, let’s sum it up like this, the average person is always looking for a way to increase their fitness drive while at the same time the majority of us are looking for ways to do so that are more entertaining than work. Tae Bo® Fitness has proved that it is all of this and so much more. But let’s not forget that with the different Specialty Courses available allow variety to your workout regimen. Just more proof that Tae Bo® remains the best of the best as well as ahead of its time and continues to provide maximum health benefits to participants of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

For information on our group class schedule at the Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Studio, visit the class schedule page. Come and join our sweaty fun, we would love to have you!